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Wedding Styles


Whether in morning tails or a lounge suit, the crisp formality of traditional wedding attire never seems to be out of fashion!

L A Smith has a fantastic range of Classic Wedding Waistcoats and Plain Shantung Wedding Waistcoats that form the core of this timeless look.  For a little twist on the theme, some colours of our Plain Country Waistcoats also look great with morning tails.

Our comprehensive range of wedding cravats in Plain Twill, Plain Satin, Plain Shantung or various Woven Patterns are the classic accompaniment to these waistcoats, but equally smart is a great traditional tie - again, in Plain Twill, Plain Satin, Plain Shantung, as well as our specially-selected ranges of best-selling Polyester Wedding Ties and Silk Wedding Ties.

For the summer, our ranges Made With Liberty Art Fabric and our own L A Smith Florals can soften the formality of this beautiful aesthetic.


The contemporary classic look, in a lounge suit with a traditional tie, is crisp, clean and elegant.

L A Smith has a superb range of clean, smart Plain and Semi-Plain Tweed Waistcoats for smart modern weddings, which work beautifully with a huge range of ties and hanks.

Try our Plain Satins, Plain Shantungs, Plain Twills - or indeed our curated selection of the sharpest Polyester Wedding Ties and Silk Wedding Ties.

Our ranges Made With Liberty Art Fabric are also perennial winners with a good suit, as are our own L A Smith Florals.

Finally, don't forget our Co-ordinated Sets.


Summer weddings, whether at home or on some exotic foreign beach, often call for a more relaxed vibe.

L A Smith has long been a leader in this softer look - with some beautiful Summer Waistcoats taking the lead (along with the paler and brighter colours in our range of Shantung Wedding Waistcoats).

Our ranges Made With Liberty Art Fabric and our own L A Smith Florals are beautiful in this context, as well as the softer colours in all our plain ranges: Satin and Shantung bow ties, and Satin, Twill and Shantung ties.

Our beautiful Summer Bow Ties, our Knitted Ties and Knitted Bow Ties also work really well in summer wedding looks.

Tweed and Country

Whether it's as full-on retro as the Peaky Blinders, or a more rustic look - tweed or country weddings are with us for the foreseeable future.

L A Smith has a truly comprehensive range of Plain and Semi-Plain Tweed Waistcoats, more statement pieces among our Check and Patterned Tweed Waistcoats, and a classic country look in our Plain Country Waistcoats and Suede-Effect Waistcoats.

Many of these have matching ties and bow ties, but also there are some beautiful alternatives among our Silk Country Pursuits Ties, our Knitted Ties, Knitted Bow Ties, Silk Herringbone Ties and Luxury Silk-Wool Blend Ties.


Whether for evening events, or increasingly even for day-time wedding ceremonies, the traditional 'tuxedo' look is now a regular wedding style.

L A Smith has a beautiful range of Black Tie Evening Waistcoats, and of course some of the richer and darker colours in our Shantung Wedding Waistcoats range are perfect for this style of wedding, all with matching bow ties and hanks.

Our range of Plain Satin Bow Ties provides a huge palette of colours to match every wedding theme or Bridesmaid's dress, and we also stock a comprehensive range of classic Silk Evening Bow Ties.

For those who prefer them to waistcoats, we also have Cummerbunds in the core colours.

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To complete the look, L A Smith stocks a wide range of supporting accessories:

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